Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Fireman Profile

Where I work some people think it's a good idea that this whole group of people who work together go off on an "outing." Outings are like field trips, furloughs, snow days, what have you, except they have to turn those words beige and call it an outing. So today we had a big one (two a year). We went to Belmont Park, today featuring ugly jockeys. It was bone ass empty

but there were some guys hanging out and yelling.

The lunch was like Morrisson's Cafeteria food, soft for dentures and gravyeyeyey. Cashed a couple $10 tickets and headed home.

Two blocks from my apartment, I looked up an intersection and saw an ENORMOUS amount of firetruck and ambulance and yellow police tape cutting off the entire 4-way intersection. Closer, I found out that something indeed had happened and boys it was crazy.

Apparently the man driving the fucked car swerved to miss hitting a lady but did not press on the brakes when he did so. Lesson learned.

But everyone was okay, cause FIREMAN PROFILE WAS THERE!

I love this man and so does the guy who is now in some sort of luckily undead position at a local hospital who got pulled out of that.

Peace car.


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