Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Here's what happened:

Jim bought some CDs.

1. I like them all.

2. Streethawk: A Seduction suddenly seems like the best Destroyer album. I can see every guitar chord he's playing. The music is blocked out and strong, but strung with lyrics that are like a subconscious version of the Kentucky Revised Statutes twisted into a double helix.

3. Did you know that RTX Jennifer Herrema's dad was Robert L. "Herrema, who died last year, was a longtime Hill resident and pathbreaking developer who renovated and restored over 30 residential and commercial properties in the city over a 20-year period, most of them on Capitol Hill. He pioneered the emerging concept of “adaptive reuse” here, turning old school buildings and the vacated Grace church at 9th Street and South Carolina Ave., SE, into new housing units." The new RTX album is dedicated to him. The main musician behind the reformed RTX is heavily influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen.

4. Giant Sand sounds even better now that Howe Gelb doesn't have to deal with Joey Burns' face.

5. JC/DC, the production team behind Your Blues, back up a guy named Rodney Graham on an album called Rock is Hard. This guy is also a reknowned visual/conceptual artist. Jim calls it "nuts and bolts rock." But the songs are queer and self-deprecating like a Canadian Steely Dan: less coke, more lighthouses.

6. I pulled out one of my favorite albums tonight that I haven't listened to in eras. White Trees, by the Flat Duo Jets, is deeply connected to my feelings about my favorite radio station - 88.1 WRFL, UK student-run radio. I saw the Flat Duo Jets with Kara in the dank goth-billy confines of Heresy down on Main St. in Lexington. Dexter Romweber and Crow looked like the realest rock n roll I'd ever seen. They were not mystic, they were not high and they were not "going places." Crow hauled a gigantic filigreed cement block onto the stage to keep his kick drum from being blown into the chest of whoever might risk standing down front. Dexter played an ancient Danelectro that he tried to tune for minutes-on-end between each song. They seemed more tired than I had ever been. They played probably 30 songs in an hour of furious hell-bound exhaustion. Plus teenage love/death ballads. After the show their wrecked merch/manager companion made a cardboard sign with a sharpie asking for a place to stay and some weed.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Register the Cat said...

1) I listened to a RTX track on Drag City's site and it was pretty good.

I am going to see American Music Club in Nov. Whoot. Eat it!


At 5:41 PM, Blogger stark pimp said...

I downloaded a 10 minute documentary on AMC made in 1993 right after Mercury. They made shit happen. I hope to see them here in NY. New song sound super.


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