Thursday, September 16, 2004

Perfect Tiny Hairs

"Jonny Zero,"

showing this fall on the WB
another crappy show that no one'll see,

shot an episode on my block Tuesday night. Apparently there were explosions and a 'fire effect.' Also, they moved my car to another block without telling me and didn't get their list of moved vehicles to the local precinct. Plus it wasn't my car, it was my girlfriend's, because mine is being repaired and she entrusted me with her car til mine is fixed. So last night she and I spent all night on the phone with precincts and DMVs and the Marshal and the NYPD and they had no record of the car being towed and we all had no recourse but to decide it was stolen. Then the locations department for Jonny Zero returned my call this morning and asked me what the car looked like and goddam if they didn't have it.



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