Monday, October 04, 2004

"The poisoned scene is back but where (swineherd) have you been?"

I could have stayed in tonight and watched "Rules Of The Game"

But earlier I bought "Ego Scriptor" by Frog Eyes, hadn't ever heard them. I came home and as I listened to their rugged trembling scripts I looked to see if they were on tour. Well shit, they're playing here tonight! All I got to do is speed pedal into the night, cross the bridge and beat the train for pride's sake.

Easy. Didn't even have to stand up. I read that recently, at a Frog Eyes show in Canada, it was obvious that most people came to the show alone. Well that doesn't float on the Loisaida but luckily there was a big bass cabinet to lean on.

The singer was like an unassuming & Canadian version of the guy in "The Tao of Steve" when he was not singing. But when he was singing he was crazy as all wiry hell. And then between songs he said, huffing out of breath, "Fuuuuck."

"I fucking love it up here. Anybody tells you different you tell em to fuck off. You got dudes, you got girls..."


And then other times he'd take on this Vancouver munchkin voice and ask for less bass in the vocal monitor. I shifted my weight. Transference.


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