Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Well Gwen...

Edwards v Cheney = fact mongering. That shit was so tedious. I thought Edwards' first response was jaw-droppingly clear and powerful. And goddam does he light up the screen so much it's almost embarassing to watch.

Then everything fell into a hell of distorted and selective fact slinging from both sides. I thought Edwards would wipe him out but Cheney was strong. He's really lucky they did a sit-down style debate instead of podium standing. Edwards' posture and physical language is so much more open and composed. Cheney starts thinking and it's like he's trying to hood himself with his shoulders. Physically he's a mess. But I don't think he lost any ground last night thanks in large part to that comfy swivel chair. And Edwards came off looking like a bit of an overeager squirrel. On a personal level, I'm much more fond of mean old men. I was also greatly impressed when Cheney took a pass on a 30 second follow-up on the gay marriage discussion that included his lesbian daughter. I feel like it's the only 'big issue' that has a chance to hit home with him and he is respecting it. Clearly he doesn't respect the other issues because the only way he is allowed to talk about them is thru tortured semantics and facts that are impossible to ever prove OR disprove. And that goes for all the candidates. I feel like they're all murdering their own common sense and impulse just to live up to some status ideal that they formed some time around the age of 6 from the nightly news or a field trip to the capitol building and have never gotten past it. I understand that.


At 9:37 PM, Blogger DJ said...

I remember my heart sinking when Edwards fumbled out his half assed compliment -Cheney loves his daughter- at the beginning of his comment! I mean if you're gonna try & piss someone off so they can say something stupid you say it at the end of your response so you don't give them time to take higher ground!

Dude you're making me homesick w/ the pics.

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