Monday, January 31, 2005

All Together My Nuts

This interview with Bill Murray from 1999, it was supposed to be about his then-new book "My Life In Golf" but instead he told a story about going to Elvis' funeral that would make Greil Marcus eat his right-to-mythologize license.

Go now to Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes and listen to Pregnant Pussy by UGK (1992 obscene rap artists). It's grosser than gross and deliriously so, like the South Park clip where Eric Cartman tells the nastiest joke ever, "The Aristocrats," like when you're 12 and suddenly your mind goes to that place where it's never been before and your Mom won't stop asking you why you're laughing for. In case it's hard for you to read, Bigtyme Records promo for UGK states:

"They Took Our Samples, They Took Our Hardness
They Took Our Friendship, So Ya Gotta Bring Nuts To Take Nuts
So Let's Let Our Nuts Hang Fellas And Get Paid Together"

I love you all right now.


At 5:41 PM, Blogger dc nahm said...

Yes. That is nasty. Yes. I think I am going to go to jail just for hearng that.

I haven't seen that South Park, but I have told that joke. Free-stylin'

At 8:51 PM, Blogger stark pimp said...

I want to say, "I'm sorry," and yet I can't for I am not sorry. I am, though, like you, waiting to be taken to prision.


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