Thursday, February 03, 2005

Car Crash Decisions

The excitement of music is back.


suddenly appeared in my life sometime in 1992. I had heard a little about them, but not too much, so mystery there. They were playing at the Wrocklage in Lexington with a whole slew of good bands, Pitchblende one of them (check the first album Kill The Atom Smasher), but I had heard them and not Crain, so Crain is who I wanted to hear. Plus they were from Louisville, that other town that seemed to have real bands that were for real.

I bet it was all-ages probably about 8pm on a Sunday night, which is usually the most depressing time of the year, but O the Wrocklage made it a magical time. Liminal, even.

Then there was a Crainstorm. Tim Furnish (I think it was Tim Furnish, not Joe Mudd, but I don't finally know) striking heavy on a beautiful, shiny red telecaster, the kind I had mostly seen only played on Hee-Haw, he was dressed like a natty farm boy, with an innocent, tasteful trucker's cap, but he was fucking hard as nails. I can't remember the bass (Jason Hayden) but the drummer looked real young. This Will Chatham turned out to be the best drummer out of all their lineups. And Jon Cook delivered the songs with much hair and real brained-out asssurance.

They played song after song of heavy, nervous and soaring stuff and I had never knew riveting like this. The LP that came out right around that time,


is being reissued on April 5, 2005 by Temporary Residence Limited with four unreleased bonus tracks recorded not long after Speed. You can download three songs (2 from the album, 1 bonus) with a little donation of your choice through PayPal. This is one of your great lost Southern rock records and I will be glad to have a backup of my worn out cassette.

If the Slint tour has coattails, Jon Cook should saddle up and ride.

Update: After some research, it becomes clear that I don't really know who was in the band when I saw them. So just cut us some slack and let's move on. I'm almost positive it was Jon Cook as singer. Apparently he wasn't even on the Speed record, though they played the Speed songs. Which just makes it all even more impressive. And I have no idea who Joey Mudd is. But good job, Joey.


At 8:35 AM, Blogger dc nahm said...

I can't agree more, nor can I overstate how much I loved CRAIN. One of my favorite bands ever. One of the greats.

I first saw them in 94 I think, at the last Endpoint show. Hardcore is boring, but this shit blew my mind. Heavy but not brutish. Gentle heavyness. And crazy for real. You can sense that. Totally fucking brilliant. Lots of bands are good but few are brilliant like Crain was. They were assured in a totally don't give a shit cause we are bad ass anyway way.

They destroyed any band they played with.

They recorded an album after Heater--my favorite, that Jon Cook played guitar and drums on himself--that has never seen the light of day but I hear it is awesome. Alot of the songs on that one are ones that they playe live when I saw them: I'm a UFO, Kentucky Teenage Telepthic Takeover, etc.

If you don't have it, get the split 7" they did with the grifters. THeir song Coalmine 666 is the shit. I think it is also on the simple machines comp that collects all those songs.


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