Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Flesh

The bad thing about seeing shows in New York is that all the shitty opening bands are very competent. You never get the bonus of amateurism.


Here's a "best-of-craigslist" entry that'll make you laugh so hard you'll hork. Thanks to Big Jilm.


This is cybersex chat room sneak attack that will make you laugh so hard you'll throw a sickie. I stole this from Hua Hsu's blog.


I've almost finished this great new Willem de Kooning biography. With the information contained therein I went today to see the building where he rented his studio in the late fifties/early sixties at 88 E. 10th St. The storefront was empty, said "For Lease." I thought, "Hm. Maybe I will move in." I wonder if anyone living above the storefront in the studio knows that it's de Kooning's old throne? I certainly did enjoy standing out there this evening and staring from across the street.


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