Thursday, March 24, 2005

What I Have Been Doing

I just posted this on the Silver Jews Bulletin Board so I thought I'd post it here too - plus I'm tired of looking at that goddam picture of Ashley Judd:

Wow, a blast from the past here. I've always lurked around here reading but hardly ever posting because I thought I'd just get a lot of shut ups and nobody really wants that. So instead of polluting with my posts I just happily read - until recently. Now I read but not so happily.

I am big stoked for Tanglewood Numbers and I'm even big stoked for Face The Truth. I've heard a bit and it is Good. These boys are turning into respectable founding fathers. It feels nice to think that I have been around to hear them from the "start."

I was in Nashville a few weeks ago

because my Dad was having surgery at Vanderbilt. One night in the hotel I looked up DCB's address in the phonebook and there it was (I swear I'm not a stalker - I was actually once at a new year's party at his house - which doesn't prove anything). So the next day when I was out getting lunch for Mom and I, the hospital food being even worse than the bad I knew it would be, I drove by his house knowing that the street was close to the hospital. Sitting in the driveway of their suburban bohemia bungalow was a sleek black SUV, looking waxed and urgent.

I just got back from Burbank, CA on a "business" trip

and now I'm sitting in the dark of my living room watching afternoon golf.

I also recently had a "business" trip to Turner Studios in Atlanta.

So anyway I wanted to contribute something and voice my support for Karl telling whoever the hell he wants to to shut up. There is a force behind this board and it will not be denied no matter who you are.

Keep up the good work and please keep up writing sentences.


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