Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ancient Wall

I would like to have asked Saul Bellow what he thought about Philip Guston.

Friday, April 15, 2005

for your pleasure: unhealthy reactions


Dear Clint,

Thank you so much for coming in and auditioning for Hamlet this
weekend. I apologize for my delay in getting back to you, and for
doing so in such an impersonal way.

Jeffrey and I very much enjoyed your monologue (and joke!), but at this
time we are not going to be able to call you back for any roles. I
will definitely hold on to your headshot, however, and hope to have
another opportunity to call you for future projects.

Thanks for your time and good work.

All the best,

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

real time record reviews (tanks S/FJ)

"thief" - destroyer.

"to the heart of the sun on the back of the vulture, i'll go" the line "throw yourself away don't save yourself" drips out of the speakers and the sound, the sound of one man turning over every black stone he sees in the creekbed.

"the way of perpetual roads" this song repeats the word "progress" and i think progress is what his albums are about. that and his luxurious hair.

"Canadian lover/falcon's escape" - "Canadian lover, don't demean yourself" it's a cheerleading anthem

here is a beautifully written review of "this night"

i really like this album. is it better than "streethawk: a seduction?" well, who cares but that even sounds like a song he would write.

now some minuety piano solo (zumpano?) that is good but now my lips are itching to put on this new MF Doom live album I just got called "Live From Planet X"


o shit he's openin it up with patented collagistry.

what more can i say? i am sick over a man that can spit like this and give me faye dunaway images. then rhyme d.l. hughley with howser, doogie.

"eliminate snapple/don't eat scrapple." you know what scrapple is? my ex girlfriend was in a play called "scrapple" about her and her overweight greaseball rhode island dad, and he looooves scrapple. eats it all up all over the place. this actor ate more fried baloney goop than you can imagine in the course of the run. that's what scrapple is.

Doom's off-key when he sings/like all my favorite singers couldn't sing

now we've hit "gas flows" and everything is in blow up mode. focused energy right here. i didn't know he'd have it together when he's live like this. but he lives onstage, no question.

i love "operation doomsday" so much it makes me pound my fists. he is sending out enormous ropes of lines here, i'm gonna have to cut it off after this, getting too stoked.

now for the vinyl portion of the evening:

john cale "vintage violence" - nice-n-clean, $7.99, a good price for Williamsburg, king-high nerdatorium for rich folk.

well we knew this would be great, right?

"gideon's bible" has a little rolling stones groove outro. that's one of my favorite song parts. the rolling stones groove outro.

Columbia stereo records can be played on today's mono record players with excellent results. They will last as long as mono records played on the same equipment, yet will reveal full stereo sound when played on stereo record players.

the back cover shows what might be a woman in cale's real life. that must not be very fun for her. he seems like the kind of guy who will write a scathingly vague song about you. but it will be an amazing scathingly vague song about you. and he will ask you to sing on it. just like daniel bejar!

[by the way shirley jones and the dap-kings, "naturally," is perfect simulacrum of 70s r&B funkish with the JB's with Aretha Brass on the vocals and FelaKuti Brass on the brass. what good does this simulacrum do us, you ask? in spring, with the windows down, it does us very good]

"well it can't be that bad," cale sings. but cale can bring on the ludes with the best of them. that, my friends, was a good Side A.

do i dare get into antony and the johnsons? maybe in a minute.


it is all about singing like you're still in the cradle.

-shadowy pimp on a shadowy planet