Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Moutarde Over Marinere in 7

absolutely SMASHING game tonight, I thought...

Tayshaun Prince, former UK Basketball Star/John Harlan Norris Fan Club Co-Founder

(seen here celebrating)

played superbly in beautifully fought 4th quarter, helping to secure that the Detroit Pistons shall play again Thursday night.

In other news, tonight we ate all-you-can-eat mussels. We each had three plates.

When we were done and paying the check at our outdoor table, a medium sized stringy dog came rushing at us at an insane and lightning speed, having escaped from its owner when, I deduce, it heard the fireworks going off nearby. Not only was this blade of a dog zinging straight for us, he was also dragging his leash, which had a large plastic (and apparently completely useless) safety handle that, when drug at such a high rate of speed, is boucing wildly and fatally zig-zagging down the sidewalk like a scythe. Caleb yells to Jessi "LOOK OUT" and just as she does, the dog passes and in an instant the handle snares one of her chair legs and bounces her slightly into the air as it yanks the chair sideways. Faring a harsher fate, the dog was stopped at full speed by his own neck as he was flung to the ground. Not to fear, he arose no less vigorous than when he went down, so full was he filled with anxiety over what I guess -but have never heard of- were PRACTICE fireworks for the 4th?

The dog turned back to us and we instantly tried to get control of it, it being rather unbelieveable that the dog hadn't run out into traffic and been flattened in his escape bid and we not wanting that thing to happen, especially right in front of us after we had eaten three plates of mussels. Each.

While we waited for the owner to catch up we calmed the dog a bit with goo goo talk and minor petting. We had the dog. We started looking up and down the street for the owner, who seemed to be taking a rather long time to catch up. No sign of the owner anywhere. And if we let go of this dog he's going to race into the busy street in front of us. What must have been close to one minute after the dog hit us, the owner finally showed up, a rather dazed and out of breath young woman. She thanked us profusely and took the dog slowly away, petting it and calming it. We watched as they walked away and it looked like she was trying to go through some training exercises with the dog...


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