Saturday, July 23, 2005

Highly Recommend... (home of Stephen O'Malley, head of SunnO)), Lotus Eaters and Khanate. A beautiful website...) (website home to Eyes and Arms of Smoke. Our friend John Fail runs the label and lives in Lexington) (lair of my buddy, Miss Irene Moon, lecturer and founder of Auk Theater) (I've reviewed some records on there as well as written some show bulletins for the Lexington area) is the tape label/distro ran by trevor tremaine. he is my friend.w hat a buddy...

the dude with the goat is Steve O'Malley
The woman is Irene Moon
The crew by the Niagra are Eyes and Arms Of Smoke
Dude with cookie falling out of his mouth is Tremaine from Rampart!

o, yeah...go to to read an article about our Lexignton buddies....


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