Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Radio Show July 27th 2005

Great Show...I had a blast with this one!!!

"The Thieving Magpie"- artist unknown-Clockwork Orange Soundtrack
"Mercadonegro Llero"- Mercadonegro- Rough Guide To Salsa Dancing
"Space Child"-Spirit- Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
"Potholderz"-MF Doom- mm..Food
"Speak Lord, In The Stillness-Lexington Baptist Choir- He Giveth More Grace
"Diplomatic Immunity"-Napalm Death-The Code Is
"Sugar Sugar"-Celia Cruz-Rough Guide To Celia Cruz
"A Step Before Hell"-Pablo Moses- Pave The Way
"Mysterium Iniquitatis"-Christian Death-Only Theatre of Pain
"The Rambling Sheep"-Liu Xing-Fading Village
"Catapaults"-Burning Star Core-The Very Heart of The World
(sample from Pat Robertson's early 1980's "Wake up America" TV special)
"Infected Voice"-Sepultura-Arise
"My Guy"-Claudine Longet- Claudine
"Breakfast Time"-Orange Juice- The Glasgow School
"I Wanna Be Free"-Femi Kuti- Live at Africa Shrine
"Budapest budapest"-Kampee Dolores- s/t
"Det Du Tanker Idag Ar du I Morgon"-Dungen-Ta Det Lugnt
"Greensleeves"-Dick Leibert- Leibert Takes Richmond
"Sandhya"-Amjad Ali kahn- Mohsha
"Dupree's Diamond blues-Grateful Dead-aoxamoxa
"upon Wings of Chaos"-Summon-Fallen
"Scissor Tailed Swallow"- Wailing Wall-s/t
"No Action"-Elvis Costello-This Year's Model
"Fluer De lie"-Slow Dazzle-The View From The Floor
untitled-Comets On Fire/burning Star Core-s/t
"Summer Of Love"-Current 93-Swastikas For Noddy
"Dios Mos"-Aziza Brahim- Rough Guide To the Sahara
"and a 1,2,3"-jim O'Rourke- I'm happy...
"youth man"-The Observer and King Tubby-Trojan Dub Massive vol. one
"Aanadam"-Debashish Bhattacharya-3
"Flowers Of Joy"-Jean Ritchie-None But One
live track at Mecca 2004-Bardo Pond
"Suicidal Ways"-Midnight-Into The Night
Cybergod (Nausea cover)-Brutal Truth-Goodbye Cruel World
"Satan's Witch"- Rusted Shut-Rehab
"Ghosts of The Midnight Mist"-Abazagorath-Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus
"Invert The Virgin"-Goatwhore-"The Eclipse of Ages
"Streamlined"-Obsessed-The Church Within
"The Sun Has Turned To Black"-Electric Wizard-We Live
"Planet Caravan"-Anomoanon-Everythign Comes and Goes v/a
"Carnisaur Vs. Unicorn"-Friends Forever-Killball
"Goin' up the Country"-Canned Heat-Collage
"Dirty Work"-Steely Dan-Can't Buy a Thrill

I have this mix available on cassette if anyone wants one. It cuts in the middle of Slow Dazzle (I know, weird) but hell, it was a good show and I would love to share it with whomever wants it. Fuck cd-rs tho, get a cassette player. It's the only way to listen to a mix!!!!


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