Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Radio Show August 3rd 2005

Metallica- Disposable Heroes- Master Of Puppets
Nocturnal Emissions- Apocalypse When- Tissue of Lies
Chris Bell- I Am The Cosmos- I Am The Cosmos
Loose Fur- So Long- s/t
Kampee Dolores- My Hair My Face- s/t
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark- If You Leave- Singles
The Boris Gardiner Happening feat. Leslie Butler- Ghetto Funk- Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown
Wolf Eyes- Stabbed In The Face- Burned Mind
America- I Need You- Greatest Hits
Current 93- Summer Of Love- Swastikas For Noddy
Morbid Angel- God Of Emptiness- Covenant
Free Design- Bubbles- Kites Are Fun (best of)
Hair Police- untitled- untitled (Hospital release)
Ted Bundy's Volkswagon-Dr. WIlt-split with Plainfield
Jandek-No One Knows Your Name-A Kingdom He Likes
Blind Faith-Can't Find My Way Home-s/t
Chestnut Station- Born On The 4th Of July-s/t
Royal Trux-I'm Ready-Accelerator
EZT-Downs-Pains-Goodbye Little Doll
Major Stars-Rock Revival Theme-The Rock Revival
Jessica Rylan-Wicked Witch-Wicked Witch
Burning Star Core- Nyarlathotep-The Very Heart of The World
Dead C-Harsh 70's Reality-Harsh 70's Reality
Sword Heaven-untitled-Earth Sun cd-r
The Cure-Homesick-Disintegration
The Van Pelt-Nanzen Kills A Cat-Sultans of Sentiment
Phenomenological Boys-What Do Bears Do?-Where's The Magic In The Music?
Marmoset-Darling, The Streets Are For Keeps-Today, It's You
Animal Collective-Bat You'll Fly-Spirit They've Gone, Spirit They're Vanished
Bobby Sherman-Easy Come, Easy Go-Here Comes Bobby
Sonny Bono-Laugh At Me-Mondo Absurdo Vol. One
Sinead O'Connor-Nothing Compares 2 U-i do not want what i haven't got
The Dead Youth-Intense Brutality-Intense Brutality
Jimi Hendrix-Burning Of The Midnight Lamp-Electric Ladyland
Liasons Dangereuses-Los Ninos del porque-s/t
Man Is The Bastard-Infiltrator-split disc w/ Mumia Abu Jamal
Plush-Soaring And Boring-More You Becomes You
Noxagt-Regions Of May-The Iron Point
Boxhead Ensemble-Far Gone/Big Sky-The Last Place To Go (Dutch Harbor Soundtrack)
Tony Conrad-Four Violins-Four violins


At 1:55 PM, Blogger dc nahm said...

Oh point MT! When I play Hendrix on the radio, I play Buring of the Midnight Lamp too. And Ted Bundy! So good. No-thing comp. Airs? Too, ewe!


At 6:40 PM, Blogger wasabiwolf said...

No-thing comp. Airs?Too, ewe!

Wow, that took me a minute to get but i got it. BWAAHHH!!!!!

Hendrix. I think I love him.


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