Friday, September 30, 2005

Linkable Fridays

I encourage you to watch this remixed trailer for "The Shining." If you do not have high speed internet, please go find someone who does and then let's have a discussion about how this is "the best thing I've ever seen on the internet." Basically, it is.

And here is another trailer - this time it could get you fired. I don't know if I will be able to watch "Puberty - The Movie" in the company of other people. But I will see it. O boy, will I.

I found the above on other blogs.

Are you someone who, once you have conceded one war, must begin another immediately, and the more futile the better? Timothy Bracy is. This is his system. And he can prove it.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mrs. Clinger's Second Grade Class at Explorer Elementary in Kentwood, Michigan


Ma'am, the little nasal passages are blocked-

Hot water bottle is applied
to clean the brown grubby snout,

now running the GI track
of a worm in heat,

each ringlet flexing

until it snows
or until snow comes out-

* * *

Alpha male challenges you
to breathe

Poring over the passages of
long thought, closed

as long as the old el…

doesn’t run here anymore

* * *

Forward thinking vermin
convening this year in Michigan,

a state split in two
the worms all divided

shoving through the frozen
so doubled,

unamazed to lie
alongside a lake

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Craven images always involve
me crouched on a step-ladder

in the stock room behind men’s accessories
shaving before a cracked display case

creamed coffee down my shirt
panicked at the dark image

that keeps disappearing
every time I move.

Out on the floor
four fattened sales associates

doing the work of one.

I am thinking “what is Bill Monroe
doing right now?”

knowing full well that
he died yesterday.

* * *

Crestwood Hills came alive last night
as it does every night

for the hour-and-change
when after-work headlights

form a creeping chain


my way and my means.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Oh, to quote Anthony Lane in a blog, it is a dubious choice. And yet we shall do it if only to be able to read his perfect sentences multiple times as we check back here often and daily, wondering if anyone has anything to say:

On "Proof" -

"Not long ago, in 'Sylvia,' Gwyneth Paltrow played a suicidal poet. Now, in 'Proof,' she plays a mathematician steeped in mourning and mental agony. The question we must address to Ms. Paltrow, for her own good, goes as follows: Is there no end to your quest for frolicsome, girlish fun?"

Monday, September 12, 2005


I blame those radical baby-boomer professors at "Centre" College: The Danville Advocate-Messenger finally goes commie.

And look who we have to thank -

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ira Glass v. Lleyton Hewitt

This American Life, 10 years into into its career, still manages to stay pure, mostly; and mostly smug-free. I attribute this to the simplicity of their form. They let people talk and talk and keep on talking, with a very keen, sympathetic ear for the innately dramatic stories that people will tell about themselves and the things to which they are closest, as long as you treat them like you would treat your grandmother's favorite emerald earrings. Then they underscore it with music that is too good and too well-timed for you to resist being made vulnerable to these stories. Today they really outdid themselves with an up-to-the-minute episode centered on Katrina and those that were caught in its unimaginable vortex of inhumanity of every conceiveable kind and the way that people are forced to overcome such absurd obstacles; or else deal with the consequences of being brutally betrayed by all those who are being paid to protect you. If you can find it in the schedule of your local public radio station, well, it won't kill you to miss it of course but it won't kill you to set aside an hour for it either. I believe you can download it from their website but it does seem to cost some money to do so.

It does not paint a pretty picture of what the power of a few does to the way those few treat the powerlessness of the many. And they don't even focus on Bush/FEMA et al (though they do not fare well here, of course). We get to hear about how ugly was the behaviour of the National Guard, and those that worked to protect their precious white suburbs from being turned into "another Superdome," not allowing blacks to cross the Ponchartrain Expressway into safer, drier Gretna. And we learn about police flatly lying to groups of people asking for information, lying just to get them to go away. Much of one of the stories on the TAL episode is contained in a post here.

(Edited for addition: in case you don't get to listen to this show, I just want to also mention that there is made mention in this episode, by one of those "evacuated" to the N.O. Convention Center, that it was not at all simple to dismiss the rumour that was running rampant throughout the "evacuees:" that the government was attempting a sort of passive-agressive genocide in order to rid themselves of what looked like an insoluble problem, the problem of what to do with tens of thousands of angry, dehydrated, poor, homeless African-Americans. And further into the show, an eighteen-year-old "evacuee" describes the sort of hallucinations brought on by dehydration. And further-More, the fact that I capped off this post with a U.S. Open Tennis update... well, please forgive me, the two of you who have actually read this far.)

And I have to break in here and just get this out of my system: Andre Agassi continues to do heartstopping things, especially when they count. 3rd 5-setter in a row and he looks like he could go out and whip Federer with his own day-glo bandana right here and NOW. The U.S. Open has been better this year than any in memory and it is a welcome relief. And here's to hoping Lleyton Hewitt loses again. How is it Aussies seem to come by "asshole" so easily? Now I have a couple Australian friends, and they are not assholes, but Lleyton Hewitt I cannot abide. Here is some evidence. For more evidence, just google "Lleyton Hewitt asshole". And for more evidence, go here and try not to vomit on your keyboard.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Richard Ford on New Orleans.

Also, I have certainly heard about this, but had not seen it, the way Kanye almost "sneaks it in." Weird and powerful. And poor Mike Meyers...

Friday, September 02, 2005


Perhaps you've heard about this or read the transcript, but if you haven't listened to this man's voice, I recommend it. Real righteous anger, if ever it might be an effective tool, here it is... set aside a moment of your time and listen to it all the way to the end.

Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans, radio interview on WWL.

I, too, don't want to hear any more god damned press conferences.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


The harrowing Eye Of The Storm blog, out of Biloxi, MS - (via)

I just heard President Bush talking to Diane Sawyer this morning: "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."

It is so absurd and irritating to have to wonder, at a time like this, whether our President is genuinely ignorant of the facts, brain-addled when under questioning, or saying things to intentionally confuse the public and hope to make them believe lies in order to save face. Or all three...

His speech to the nation yesterday evening was one of the shittiest I have ever heard. Listening over the radio, I realized with a shudder that he was doing his "grin." NY Times confirms this for me. Invective directed at Bush does little to help anything right now but I'm spinning my god-damned wheels in abject frustration just the same.