Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Walks With Mormom Jackie
wearing my Lotion t-shirt
Student Center
The Connells opened
bad white hat college thrush
It was okay though for then
twee was the bump for the age

I dreamed of some exposed breasts
that I wished
another Mormon girl would reveal
that same year
rolled around
on the Bell House lawn
We loved moth eaten sweaters
mix tapes.

Biting air in November
Hard grass and crisp tongues
Still riding the school bus
"Harlan! Give me a ride man!"
upside down american flag sticker
on the driver's side window
Hoping him and Todd
would show me the chords
to "Helter Skelter" again
because I forgot them.

Dungeons and Dragons
at Justin's house
didn't play
but got turned on:
Perverted By Language
The Sky's Gone Out
his dads Sade discs,
smoking cigarettes
on the deck.


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