Thursday, December 15, 2005

Heavy Saxons's Eve

"the da-dada-dum-da's are needed to soak it all up..."

This from writer Carl Wilson's long piece on the forthcoming "Destroyer's Rubies." Have now heard 3 tracks and am suffering extreme reactions. Every verse taking flight as a consequence of Bejar's immense confidence. The vibe of this band he's got together, the production en general, it is almost unbearably appealing. A group of wizened older gentlemen gone quite to seed and who play it as it lies, loose and fat.

How to proceed in the face of something so evidently supreme? A pathetic question but it troubles me nonetheless. The taste I have had so far - this is one of the richest things I've heard in a long time. The bitterness of Destroyer's past is still there but now seems to have been subsumed into the pure pleasure of sonics. There's just no hesitation here, and that quality has direct emotional consequences. And it confirms a world within a human.


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I fear I might be retarded.

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