Friday, January 27, 2006


Finally something worth mentioning. This new YouTube service is quickly yielding fantastic results. To wit: this washed out clip of PiL in 1980 on American Bandstand doing two cuts from the one album of theirs that actually made good on Lydon's wish to commit a full-on breach of security in rock n roll's ever-evolving state of total lockdown, "SECOND EDITION." It's everything you want out of rock n roll: Lydon using his cred to give his new radical vision a very public platform, running through the traditional audience/performer relationship as if it had never existed, hinting at violence, literally dragging the antsy teenagers onto the stage because who are we kidding? we are just lipsynching, why would you want to sit in your seats and watch that, just come down here and participate in this supremely fucking wobbly dub music.

The audience catches on pretty fast. By the end of "Careering," whether prodded by a producer or not, the audience is screaming for more. And at so many points Lydon looks so eerily like a young and newly electric Bob Dylan, jubilant like a man who has discovered the delights of a nice suit of clothes made just for you, and screw all that slumming bohemian costumery I had so stupidly stuck myself with up til now. Amazing to see such radical music on such a public platform and to see it embraced. So wonderful it is hard not to yearn to have been a teenager at that time, discovering something so fresh.


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