Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sly O'Bedlam

In fact, there's a lot to talk about. For instance, Sly Stone appeared on the Grammy Awards last night, first public performance in 17 years. He was resplendent in a 2 foot tall golden mohawk, gold lame capecoat, an enormous white belt buckle with the word SLY wriggling across it, and a nasty case of osteoperosis. Or maybe it was just evidence of the pressure he probably put on himself, the pressure that led him to abandon the Family Stone in 1975 or so, that seems to have turned him into some sort of Funk Golem. He still had a voice, and when he took care to actually use it on a few lyrics, it was almost frighteningly on key, piercing and direct. But those moments were few and he left the stage before the song was even over. Perhaps he made an early exit after realizing he'd been tricked into sharing the stage with some of the flimsiest pop performers this world has ever known. Having Maroon 5 and Joss Stone sing an ear-splittingly forced medley of your tunes is no way to make a comeback. I hope the whole experience acts as some sort of inspiration for him to take another stab at re-entering the world, but on his own terms.

New York city is finally cold again thank god, proper winter weather making me feel a lot less like the apocalypse is waiting for me in the elevator. Doesn't Shakespeare always foreshadow tragedy with odd climatological change? Poor Sly, get thee to the hovel.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger Derek Keogh said...

Dulin City and it's environs have also plumetted to below zero temperatures after a very very mild winter. I almost forgot how to work the window defrosters on my car and then I remembered I hadn't got any to begin with. I was half asleep due to having had a few beers after playing 5 a side football on Thursday evening so here's my tip of the day

"Never pour hot water on your windscreen while the wipers are working"

The doctors say they have seen similar burn victims heal completely after extensive plastic surgery...

At 8:14 PM, Blogger stark pimp said...

Sage advice. Might I add:

don't wash your hair with Dr. Bronner's Magic All-in-One soap unless you enjoy a peppermint oil-induced burning sensation at the site of your most sensitive parts, onto which Dr. Bronner's will inevitably drip.

We're nowhere near zero degrees but blizzard conditions resulting in 6-12 inches of snow are predicted for the city tomorrow thru Sunday and I couldn't be prouder. There is a park very close to my new-since-last-winter apartment and I am an absolute sledding monster. There is no hill too steep, no ramp too high, no path too close to the highway that I will not barrel down. Also I like to do lots of screaming; and trying to disrupt the runs of other sledders and send them flying is a particular pleasure. Rarely does anyone understand that I only do it because I would like the gesture reciprocated.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Don't Blame Me--You Voted for Bush said...

OK get out there, but try not to die. Speaking of dying, please tell me Lil' Jim made it out of 2005. I've been scared to ask. I recently included In Memoriam: Jim Higdon, (1976-2005, est.) in a live performance and am working on an updated version, though the date will never be updated. I sure hope he isn't dead. Unless....

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